On Labour Day and every day, New Democrats stand with workers

Canada's NDP leader Jagmeet Singh released the following statement on September 5, 2022:

“Labour Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of workers and thank them for keeping our communities running. It’s also a time to recommit to fight to help make their lives better.

As inflation hits an almost forty-year high, workers and their families are struggling to keep up. Workers didn’t cause inflation and they shouldn’t be the ones paying for it. It's excessive corporate profits and greed that are jacking up costs, and wages aren’t keeping up.

Big grocery chains, big oil companies and big box stores are making a fortune off of hardworking families. And when times are tough, it shouldn’t be hardworking Canadians who pay the price. The top 1% have rigged the system to take wealth from working people. And while Liberals and Conservatives like to say they support workers, when push comes to shove, they always take the side of rich CEOs.

To help workers, New Democrats are fighting to deliver inflation relief to help working families get ahead and unlike the Liberals and Conservatives, we are always on the side of workers and will work to make rich corporations pay what they owe. In this parliament, we also used our power to ensure federal workers have access to 10 days of paid sick leave and we made the government agree to prohibit the use of replacement workers, 'scabs.’

The solution for a better future for workers remains the same as it was a hundred years ago; workers must organize. Membership in a union is the best way to get better wages, benefits, and health and safety protections. The more there are unionized workers the more our entire economy is better off.

This Labour Day — and always — New Democrats stand with workers and will keep fighting to build a better future for you and your family.”

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