We're working for a more fair, compassionate and just society in Toronto-Danforth and across our city, province and country. 

Some of the issues we're fighting for include: 

  • Real action on the climate crisis
  • More affordable housing so those who live and grew up in Toronto-Danforth can afford to stay in the community
  • Properly funding healthcare, education, transit and all the services and supports we rely on
  • Ending racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, ableism and all forms of hate and injustice 
  • Meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and ending the discrimination, oppression and mistreatment they face every single day

Be a part of our community's deep-rooted legacy of progressive activism and leadership. Get involved.

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Manna Wong, Clare Hacksel, Peter Tabuns, Paula Fletcher and Craig Scott posing for a selfie-style picture

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