New Democrats are delivering dental care that saves millions of Canadian families around $1,300

Canada's NDP issued the following press release on December 11, 2023. 

TORONTO – On Monday, Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh joined by NDP MP Matthew Green (Hamilton Centre) and NDP candidate Clare Hacksel (Toronto-Danforth) is speaking about the implementation of the NDP national dental care program.

A few days after Pierre Poilievre’s cut-and-gut Conservatives voted to cut funding for services Canadians rely on – including dental care – the NDP is delivering results that will make life easier and more affordable for Canadians.

“No matter how hard it is to pay the bills, people shouldn’t be forced to neglect their dental health because of high costs,” said Singh. “That’s why, for years, the NDP has been fighting to provide dental care for everyone who needs it. Trudeau’s out-of-touch Liberals and Poilievre’s cut-and-gut Conservatives teamed up twice to vote against giving Canadians dental care. But we didn’t give up on getting you the help you deserve. While Pierre Poilievre is trying to make your life harder by voting to cut services you need, the NDP is delivering dental care for millions of Canadians.”

Over a third of Canadians have no dental insurance, and nearly 9 million Canadians avoid the dentist every year because they can’t afford it. The NDP started delivering dental care with the interim dental benefit that gave 370,000 families with children under 12 up to $1,300.

Today’s national program will start by covering 4.5 million seniors, people with disabilities, and children under 18 who don’t have private insurance and make under $90,000. By end of 2025, it is estimated that 9 million eligible Canadians could benefit from this program. An average family could save around $1,300 per year.

“All of this happened despite Pierre Poilievre using every tool he had to try to stop Canadians from getting dental care. Even though he's had access to dental care himself – paid for by Canadian taxpayers – for 20 years,” said Singh. “Getting more Canadians to the dentist, free of charge, will save families around $1300 and keep everyone healthier. With the NDP, you pay less and get more.”

It's time Toronto-Danforth had a true progressive representative in Ottawa.

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