Peter welcomes Marit Stiles as new Ontario NDP leader

TORONTO-DANFORTH – Peter Tabuns took to social media this week to welcome Marit Stiles as the new permanent leader of the Ontario NDP and look back at his time as interim leader:

"Marit is ready to lead Ontario. To make a difference. To be Premier" said Peter on Twitter after the Ontario NDP's leadership event on February 4. In another post, Peter reflected on his tenure as interim leader: 

"Today has been my last day as Interim Leader of the Ontario NDP. It has been quite a ride. Thanks to all who had the confidence in me to give me the opportunity. Thanks to all who helped me through this period - MPP’s, staff, members and the public. I am very grateful."

We'd like to congratulate Peter for his successful time as interim leader and for his principled, collegial leadership. Thank you Peter and we’re proud you're our MPP.

Visit Peter's website and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to stay updated on his work fighting for the issues that matter to Ontarians and Toronto-Danforth.

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