NDP calls for a special committee to deal with tax avoidance by billionaires

Canada's NDP issued the following press release on August 25, 2023. 

THOMPSON, MB – On Tuesday, NDP critic for Tax Fairness Niki Ashton (Churchill—Keewatinook Aski) wrote to her newest Liberal counterpart, the minister of National Revenue, calling for the creation of a special committee of Parliament to crack down on tax avoidance by billionaires this fall. This committee would bring all parties around the table to recommend solutions to stop tax avoidance that is causing billions of dollars in losses for Canadians.

“While the Liberals paid lip service to the help people desperately need during their caucus retreat, the reality is they’re talking about $15 billion in cuts for services people rely on,” said Ashton. “If they’re looking for $15 billion, we know of 123 corporations that got out of paying twice that amount in one year alone. If the new minister wants to show Canadians she is serious about standing up for them, I urge her to work with the NDP to create a special committee to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share.”

In the letter, Ashton also calls on the Liberals to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share by closing loopholes they rely on and introduce a wealth tax.

“Families across the country are feeling the squeeze with the rising cost of food and living an unprecedented housing crisis putting people on the streets because they can’t find a home they can afford—that’s the result of eight years of Justin Trudeau,” said Ashton. “And let’s make no mistake, Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives haven’t shown any willingness to make rich CEOs pay what they owe.

“If the Liberals and Conservatives are serious about helping Canadians by making the rich and powerful pay their fair share, then they should support the NDP’s call for a committee that will put a stop to tax avoidance by billionaires in Canada.”

It's time Toronto-Danforth had a true progressive representative in Ottawa.

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