New Democrats call for urgent action to fight the climate crisis while protecting workers before time runs out

Canada's NDP issued the following press release on January 27, 2023:

NDP Environment and Climate Change Critic Laurel Collins made the following statement after Canada’s Net Zero Advisory Body's latest report:

“With extreme damage and loss because of climate change becoming more common for Canadians, people expect their government to show climate leadership and protect them from these losses. But, under the guidance of Justin Trudeau and Minister Guilbeault, Canada has the worst climate action record of any G7 country.

Today’s advice from Canada’s Net Zero Advisory Body to create a clean industry strategy confirms what Canadians already know - the Liberals are not doing even close to enough to protect Canadians and fight the climate emergency.

The government could be working to strengthen a green economy that supports workers, creates jobs, and helps our planet. Instead, the Liberals hand out billions of dollars to subsidize ultra-wealthy oil and gas corporations.

Time is running out to prevent the worst impacts of the climate crisis and stop Canadian workers from falling behind in the global clean energy economy. New Democrats will continue to push the Liberals to create a plan for a clean, green economy that protects workers.”

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