It’s official: Marit Stiles confirmed as NDP leader

The Ontario NDP issued the following press release on February 4, 2023:

TORONTO — The Ontario NDP is embarking on a new chapter as it officially makes Marit Stiles leader of the party and the NDP’s candidate for premier at a celebration on Saturday.

“Today, we start the countdown to the end of Doug Ford’s disastrous government, and the beginning of a better, brighter future for Ontario,” said Stiles. “People are counting us. They are counting on a strong NDP to put forward a positive vision for our province and win more for people, and that work starts right now.”

New Democrats from across the province gathered in Toronto, and virtually, to celebrate the new leader and join in her vision for a better Ontario.

“This is a big moment for our party and our province. People across Ontario want and need a strong progressive champion that will fight to make life better, and we have that in Marit Stiles,” said Janelle Brady, Ontario NDP president. “Together with Marit, we are going to expand our reach, build our movement and unite Ontarians in electing an NDP government that will put people first.”

“Winning more for people means fixing health care instead of selling it off. It means building homes you can actually afford without paving over wetlands. And it means a fairer economy with good jobs and more opportunity,” said Stiles. “I’m inviting all Ontarians who believe in building a better province, one where working people can finally get ahead, to join us.”

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