Jagmeet Singh calls for real solutions to bring down food prices

Canada's NDP issued the following press release on October 1, 2023. 

TERRACE – On Sunday, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and NDP MP Taylor Bachrach (Skeena – Bulkley Valley) urged the government to adopt New Democrats’ proposal to bring down food prices for families across the country. Two weeks ago, Singh introduced the Lowering Price for Canadians Act, legislation that gives the Competition Bureau more power to increase competition and lower prices, increase fines for price-fixing and price-gouging, and close loopholes that let big grocery chains price out the competition.

“For almost two years, the Liberal government has stood by and watched while grocery CEOs made record profits off the backs of working families. All this time families made cuts and hard decisions about what food their family could and couldn’t afford,” said Singh. “The reality is Justin Trudeau only started caring and called these meetings when he went down in the polls. And now, he would like Canadians to trust his toothless approach when we all know that this is all for show. If he is serious about this, he will include the NDP strong changes in his bill and finally stand dropped to greedy corporations and lower food prices.”

People across the country are cutting back and making difficult choices to try and keep up with rising grocery prices. Under Trudeau, food prices increased by 30 per cent. Meanwhile, Canada’s three largest grocers— Loblaws, Sobeys, and Metro — collectively earned more than $3.6 billion in profits in 2022.

For 21 months in a row, food prices outpaced inflation and Trudeau did nothing. And despite all his grandstanding, Pierre Poilievre is not who he says he is. During his 9 years in government, food prices increased by 25 per cent. Ground beef by 128 per cent and coffee by 89 per cent. He had his chance to go after corporate greed, but instead he gave large grocery chains like Loblaws billions in tax giveaway.

“While the Conservatives and Liberals stand by and allow CEOs of the big grocery chains to jack up prices and rake in massive profits, we’re putting in the work to help people,” said Bachrach. “It’s absurd to think the Liberals’ plan of politely asking companies to reduce costs is going to work. And Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives have done nothing to stand up to the CEOs on behalf of families who can’t afford to cover their grocery costs.

“Real leadership means taking action to help Canadian families, here in Terrace and across the country. We’ve proposed solutions and now it’s up to Liberals and Conservatives to get on board.”

It's time Toronto-Danforth had a true progressive representative in Ottawa.

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