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Stop renovictions. Lower rent. End corporate profiteering

Rent is up 60% under Justin Trudeau and Julie Dabrusin.

Yet rich investors are still allowed to evict people to make a profit. 

We are losing affordable homes faster than new ones are being built — something has to change. Jagmeet Singh is calling for action to stop renovictions, save affordable homes and lower rent by creating an affordable homes acquisition fund and stopping housing profiteers from buying them.  

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Combat corporate greed. End excessive CEO pay

Tell Justin Trudeau and Julie Dabrusin to combat corporate greed, end outrageous CEO pay and support working Canadians.

Support the NDP's demand for a special tax on big corporations to reign in CEO pay and make life more affordable for working people.

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Abortion services must be accessible to every Canadian

Many Canadians seeking abortion services can’t access them – this must change.

Tell Justin Trudeau and Julie Dabrusin to implement a national plan to expand abortion and reproductive health care access to all parts of Canada without barriers.

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