Open letter to MP on Electoral Reform broken promise

Our MP Julie Dabrusin and the Liberals promised 2015 to be the last unfair election. On Wednesday, Toronto-Danforth, along with the rest of Canada, learned it was all just a lie.

Ms. Dabrusin released a statement yesterday, admitting this key election promise was broken. She refused to apologize, however, for cynically deceiving the people of Toronto-Danforth.

Please read our open letter to Ms. Dabrusin and share widely. Once you are done, open your email, pick up your phone and tell Julie Dabrusin and the Liberals to keep their word and make every vote count.

416.405.8914 [email protected] 1180 Danforth Ave Toronto, ON M4J 1M3 Fax: 416-405-8918

Rest assured we will be holding Julie Dabrusin and the Liberals to account for breaking their commitment to Toronto-Danforth.

#electoralreform #TorDan #cdnpoli #ERRE #LPC

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