Trudeau must stand up to the threat of Conservatives’ privatization of our Universal Public Healthcare

Canada's NDP leader Jagmeet Singh released the following statement on August 31, 2022:

“With emergency rooms across the country forced to shut down, Canadians are worried about losing access to the health care they need when they need it. More and more, people are forced to wait hours to receive care as our healthcare systems are on the verge of collapse. It is the Prime Minister’s duty to do everything in his power to fix these problems and protect our healthcare systems from the threat of privatization that will hurt families.

Justin Trudeau’s inaction in the face of this healthcare crisis is dangerously paving the way for Conservative Premiers who want to turn health care into a for-profit business for their well-placed friends. This won’t fix the crisis – it will only favour the privileged, lengthen wait times and make it harder for families to receive the care they need.

We've seen what privatization did to people and workers in long-term care. It left them devastated for help by prioritizing profits, and left families without their loved ones.

Canadians deserve to know if their Prime Minister clearly reminded Premier Ford that charging people for the care they need is a violation of their right to receive free care under the Canada Health Act. Everyone should be able to access health care with their health card, not a credit card.

The Liberals cannot stand by while our healthcare system collapses and is under threat of privatization. Justin Trudeau promised Canadians he would improve and expand our health care system; almost a year later, Canadians needing care are still waiting. We need action now.

Canadians and health care workers expect and deserve leadership from their government to protect the healthcare they depend on. They can count on New Democrats to continue the fight to protect and expand our healthcare so it's there for families when they need.”

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